Signature PAANS

Kalkatta Saada Paan​

Kalkatta Saada Paan sounds very simple but it leaves a great flavor of long lasting taste and aroma, simply made out of our home made recipe that will make you come back for more.


Kalkatta Meetha Paan AKA Sweet Paan

Meetha Paan is a complete treat of taste, flavor and nice aroma leaving behind an amazing mint and sweet flavor to the mouth.

Chocolate Paan

A traditional Paan given a modern touch by adding silky, smooth, melt in our mouth chocolate, leaving behind nothing but a sweet smile on your face.

Butterscotch Paan

The smooth rich flavor of Caramel butter along with traditional Paan ingredients makes this Paan a must try.


Thandai Mousse Paan

The ideal frozen sensation for your taste buds! Combination of traditional Paan ingredients with frozen milk based desi ice cream – twisted with Mousse in a desi dimension to it, splashed rose water and garnished with real Pistachio to makes it more authentic Indian Dessert twisted in Paan.


Coconutty Fudge Paan

This is a classic and traditional Indo-Western dessert completely hand crafted to the taste and richness of Coconut Fudge and garnished with Cashew, Almonds and splashed with rich Mango Syrup. 


Cookies & Cream Paan

Moist and Rich “Cookies and Cream Paan” – widely popular. The flavor is associated with the Oreo Cookie, a cookie sandwich with a sweet white crème filling commonly used in Milkshakes and other Frozen Desserts will now be a turned in to a Mouthwatering Paan.


Boondi Fusion Paan

Traditional and one of the oldest Indian sweet “Boondi” twisted in mouthwatering PAAN with our homemade Ingredients and given modern touch of shaved Chocolate, Cashew and Walnuts make this Paan a must try.

Ice Paan

Your taste buds just can’t afford to miss the ice Paan, interesting combination of crushed ice with a tinge of flavored syrup makes it perfect cooler for any season.

Herbal Paan

The combination of all Natural and Herbal Ingredients from all the way from Mexico and India make this Paan perfect and healthy treat for your Mind, Body and Soul.    

All our Paans are absolutely tobacco free.

We can customize any Paan on the menu to your liking, just name the flavor and we can twist it to satisfy your craving!

Please contact us for any type of Event Orders; It's our promise to make your event memorable.