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Phone: 215-264-2939

1731 Cindy Lane,
Hatfield, PA 19440

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History Of PAAN

Mr. Paanwala Setup - Mumbai
PAANs in Indian Market


PAAN sounds very simple, but we have very creative way to bring it to you! because of our pure dedication to the quality and excellence, we have received numerous recognition. All our PAANS are made traditionally and authentic way from homemade recipes.

Indian Marigold Flowers

Paan after a scrumptious meal is must for everyone. The quintessential Paan has been around from generations and it is believed to be from 15th century in Asian countries. There are many different Paanwalas with their fascinating varieties. But the one thing that is constantly evolving is the innovative ingredients that most of Paanwalas now experiment with. Making of delicious Paan is truly an art. Every Paanwala has a unique style of Paan making and uses different ingredients for the stuffing i.e. Betel Leaves, Kaththa, Chuna, Meenaxi Chutney, Betel Supari, Betel Sweet Supari, Gulkand (Rose Petel Syrup), Saunf aka Fennel Seeds, Candied Cherries, Meethi Supari.

It may have started with a basic Saada Paan but now we have wide varieties of Paan such as Calcutta Saad Paan (Kalkatta Saada Paan), Culcutta Meetha Paan (Kalkatta Meetha Paan aka Kalkatta Sweet Paan), Chocolate Paan, Butterschotch Paan, Magai Meetha Paan, Chuski Paan (Ice Paan) and for those who don’t like the taste of Betel Leaf, they can always try Paan Bites.

Here at Mr. Paanwala we offer the Concept, very Unique and Exceptional for Live Events. We offer our service in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Newyork and all other states in the county, we travel everywhere in the world to meet our customer expectations.

Hot Pink Decor - Mumbai

Paanwala in Philadelphia USA

Paanwala in USA

Paanwala in NJ

Paanwala in NYC

Paanwala in NewYork

Wedding Cart


Banarasi Paan is the most popular type as lyrically personified by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan when he danced to the Paan-themed song “Khaike Paan Banaraswala - Khul Jaaye Bandh Akkal Ka Tala" the evergreen tune forever to be associated with the sweet, minty taste of a Paan.


It is interesting to note that Paan has several other names such as Beeda in Hindi, Thambulum in Tamil, Killiin Telugu, Thambula in Kannada and Sireh in Malayalam. Moreover, Indian cities such as Lucknow, Banaras, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Patna and a couple of South Indian cities are known for their ages old Paan flavors, varieties and fan-following.



- Ishan Patel

"We had Mr. Paanwala last night at our wedding garba. I wanted to first start off by saying the setup Mr. Paanwala did was phenomenal. He had led lights, laterns, statues, and much more. Now to the best part, his paans are freaking delicious. The line for the paan was crazy because everyone wanted to try his delicious paans. We received so many good compliments and my guest loved the different variety of paans. I definitely do recommend Mr. Paanwala to have for your special day as he made mine really fun. Thank you Mr. Paanwala for making my event a great time!"

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